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Regulations for Valentine SABON activity in February 2024

1. The SABON Valentine 2024 activity (hereinafter: the "Promotion") is conducted by Sabon Global Ltd. (hereinafter: "SABON") between the dates between 12.2.2024 - 14.2.2024 (hereinafter: the "Promotion Period").
2. Any person who receives, during the promotion period, a benefit card from Sabon representatives (hereinafter: "participation card") in one of the brand stores (hereinafter: "participant in the activity") may participate in the activity.
3. Each participation card will include a QR code that can be scanned using a mobile phone device. Scanning the QR code will take the participant in the activity to a designated landing page (hereinafter: "landing page"). On the landing page, the participant in the activity will be required to complete a details registration procedure in accordance with the instructions on the landing page (hereinafter: the "registration procedure"), after completing the registration procedure, a code will be sent to the participant’s email in the activity that entitles the participant to a benefit to which the participant is entitled as part of the activity (hereinafter: "Benefit Email" ). The benefit email will include the code that entitles you to receive the benefit that will be specified in the benefit email and which will be one of the 3 benefits detailed below (hereinafter: "the benefit"), which he can redeem by purchasing at one of Sabon stores and/or on Sabon’s website, until February 29, 2024 :
3.1 When buying products in soap shops and/or on the soap website for an amount exceeding NIS 99 - the participant in the activity will receive a lip balm benefit as a gift - until the stock runs out (up to 400 units).
3.2 1 + 1 benefit on the purchase of products from Sabon’s facial products series. The benefit will be given on the cheapest product among the products that will be purchased as part of realizing this benefit in one purchase.
3.3 The benefit of a 10% discount on the purchase of any product in the store and/or soap site in one purchase.
4. The activity is subject to the conditions listed below:
4.1 The discount and/or benefit does not include and will not apply to delivery fees on the website, club membership fees, outlet products and flower bouquets;
4.2 The discount and/or benefit is here without multiplying promotions and discounts;
4.3 It is not possible to pay using shopping vouchers that do not include doubling discounts and/or coupons of any kind.
4.4 The benefit can be redeemed once and within the framework of one purchase only.
5. SABON may stop at any time and immediately the activity and/or change, add, cancel the terms of the activity and/or the terms of these regulations at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
6. It is not possible to make a wholesale purchase as part of the activity (including different items or in different branches). Sabon reserves the right to deny the right to participate in the activity to those who are found to have purchased a commercial quantity of products and/or to have acted fraudulently and/or in a manner not stipulated in these regulations, and this in accordance with its sole discretion and without any obligation to justify its decision.
7. In any case of contradiction and/or inconsistency between the provisions of these regulations and any other publications regarding the activity, the provisions of these regulations shall prevail for all intents and purposes.
8. By participating in the activity, the participants in the activity agree, confirm and declare that they have read the regulations, that they accept its instructions, and that these regulations will apply to them and bind them in all respects.
9. Participation in the activity is the sole responsibility of the participants in the activity, and Sabon will not be held responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage, loss, loss or expense caused to any of the participants in connection with the activity.
10. Any dispute in connection with this activity will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in the Tel Aviv district.

11. What is stated in these regulations is written in the masculine language for reasons of convenience only, but it refers equally to all genders.