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Sabon – Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 2015

Please read this document carefully. (hereinafter: the “Site”) is an internet website operated by Sabon Shel Pa’am (2000) Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company” and/or “Sabon” and/or “us”), whose registered address is at 16 Hametzuda Street, Azur, 5800160. We at Sabon have created this Privacy Policy (hereinafter: the “Privacy Policy”) in order to demonstrate our dedication to your privacy.


This Privacy Policy sets forth our information collection and dissemination practices. On the Site, we provide general information about the Company and its products, as well as an online store for the sale of the Company’s products. In addition to the Site, we also operate a number of other websites with different domain names (this and the previous sentence, collectively the “Service”). By partaking of the Service, you accept the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.


Sabon’s User Agreement (hereinafter: the “Agreement”) incorporates the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Site (hereinafter: the “Terms of Use”), which constitute an integral part of the Agreement. Unless otherwise specifically set forth: (1) any reference to the Service in this Privacy Policy shall include any part thereof; (2) terms defined in the Terms of Use shall have the same meanings here; and (3) all of the terms of this Privacy Policy shall apply for the benefit of: 1) Sabon’s subsidiaries or business partners, including the heirs and assigns thereof; 2) any of Sabon’s controlling shareholders; 3) any entity controlled by Sabon; and 4) any entity under joint control with Sabon.


The terms set forth below apply to both genders and any reference in the male form is for convenience only. Moreover, terms in singular form shall also apply to the plural and vice versa.


By using the Service offered on the Site, you independently grant us access to certain information, including personal identification information or personal details (such as company information, personal information, credit card information and/or bank details) that we collect for the purpose of providing the Service, and you hereby grant us express permission to use and collect such information in the manner set forth below in this Privacy Policy. If you have any reservation concerning our access to the information and/or its presentation on the Site and/or anything else or the use of such information in any other manner permitted under this Privacy Policy, do not use the Service.


Updating the Privacy Policy


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to amend this Privacy Policy (hereinafter: the “Amended Privacy Policy”) from time to time, without providing notice prior to the Amended Privacy Policy taking effect. This Privacy Policy may change from time to time as a result of new features becoming incorporated into the Service or in accordance with suggestions made by customers. You hereby agree that the Amended Privacy Policy shall take effect by virtue of its being posted to the Site and your continued use of the Service following the posting of the Amended Privacy Policy signifies your consent to all of its terms. We recommend that you peruse the Amended Privacy Policy prior to your continued use of the Service. The Amended Privacy Policy shall take effect following its posting to the Site or at a later date set forth therein and shall govern your use of the Service from such point onward.


Collecting Information


We collect personal information in the following ways:


Required information – in order to make an order, you must provide us with certain information, such as your name, email address, contact information and credit card information. We may ask you for additional and/or other information during the order process in order for us to enhance your user experience, improve the value and quality of the Service and to analyze use of the Service. In the event that you choose to purchase certain services and products offered on the Site, you may be required to provide additional information in order to complete such purchase. You hereby agree that such information is personal to you and that upon making an order on the Site, you grant permission to others, including us, to identify you and use such information in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.


Information verification – in order to protect Sabon from fraud, we may verify the information you provide us during your use of the Service by referring it to external service providers. As part of this verification process, we may receive personal information relating to you from such service providers, which may include background checks and/or financial analysis. We reserve the right to analyze this information at all times.


Personal information, non-personal information and financial information – we may collect non-personal information regarding your use of the Service. If such non-personal information is collected for activity that requires personal information, we may combine personal information with non-personal information in order to enhance your user experience, improve the value and quality of the Service and analyze use of the Service.


In addition to the information that is collected in the manner described above, you may choose to share with us additional information about yourself in the context of the Service, and if you choose to do so, you do so at your sole discretion and responsibility.


Your financial information will not be disclosed to third parties in the context of your purchase of services on the Site, unless you grant your prior written consent for such disclosure, or unless we are required to disclose such information in accordance with a court order or a legal proceeding, including proceedings concerning prevention of fraud.


Protecting Information


We will keep a copy of the information you provided to us for use in the manner set forth in this Privacy Policy for as long as is necessary in order to provide the Service. You may request that we delete the information at any time by contacting our customer service department. We will respond to your request within 30 days of its submission to us. Please note that information that you shared with others or that was copied by other customers may remain available online, including via search engine, even following your request for removal and deletion.


Your personal information will be stored and processed on our computers or servers located in various jurisdictions in accordance with applicable law in such jurisdictions, including privacy laws. We will do our best to transfer your information via protected, secret and secure channels. If you object to any transfer of information in the manner described in these terms, please do not use the Service. We will keep and use your information in order to comply with our own legal obligations, for resolving disputes concerning your use of the Service and to enforce the terms of this Agreement.


Use of the Information and Personal Data


Consent to use of information concerning you. By transferring information to us for use of the Service, you expressly accept the terms of the Agreement that permit us to use and verify information concerning you. You have the right to terminate your consent to our collection of information concerning you at any time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; however, please note that such termination will not apply retroactively. Subject to section 3.4 below, such information will not include personal identification information. If you do not consent to these terms, we recommend that you cease using the Service.


Contact. As described more fully in the Terms of Use, we may contact you by email, online message or other means available through the Service. We may send you notifications concerning the operation of the Service and/or that may include direct or third party advertisements, unless you submit a request to customer service not to receive advertising materials.


If you send us any communication, including letters, emails, faxes or any other means of communication with our customer service department, we may keep this information for our records. We may also record conversations with our customer service department and keep correspondence with our customer service department, as well as other correspondence sent to you. We will use these records to better handle requests made of our customer service, to segment, measure and improve our customer service and to investigate potential fraudulent activities and breaches of this Agreement. We are under no obligation to keep this information and we may delete such information when permitted under applicable law without first notifying you or receiving your consent.


Personal information and types of use. Without derogating from the terms of section 3.4 below, the personal information that we collect may include the following: (1) your name, gender, contact information at home and at work, degree, date and place of birth, nationality, ID number, passport and visa information; (2) information regarding products purchased at Sabon stores and on the Site; (3) information you provided us regarding your marketing preferences or as part of surveys, contests or advertising offers in which you participated; (4) information collected via closed-circuit cameras at Sabon stores; (5) other information regarding commercial customers, suppliers and other third parties to whom we provide services or with whom we are in contact; (6) additional contact information we received in your regard from third parties to whom we provide services or with whom we are in contact. We may collect information in a variety of ways, including directly from you, from our partners and from third parties with whom we maintain business relationships. You may choose what personal information you provide to us (if any). However, if you choose not to provide us with certain information, this may affect certain transactions between us and you.


We may us personal information in a variety of ways, including by contacting you, on the Site, by email or other correspondence and through third parties. We use personal information for the purposes set forth in this Policy or in accordance with applicable law. Generally, we use personal information for the following: (1) to provide you with the services and products that you selected or purchased; (2) to provide you with marketing information concerning the Company and the Site; (3) to send you satisfaction, market research and quality assurance surveys; (4) to send you sales offers from us and our business partners that we believe you will find of interest; (5) to enhance our understanding of our market and improve the products and services that we offer.


Sharing information with third parties. We take our customers’ privacy very seriously and do not sell, lease or otherwise provide personal identification information to third parties, save for in the manner described in this Privacy Policy, including in section 3.3 above. We will not share personal information generated as a result of a transaction with other services without your express consent or receiving your instruction to do so, save for when such disclosure is necessary in our opinion in order to perform any of the following: (1) to abide by any instruction given as a part of a legal proceeding, including, but not limited to, summonses to civil and criminal proceedings, court order and/or obligatory disclosure in response to the demand of governmental entities, authorities and/or agencies; (2) the enforcement of the terms of this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use or any other agreement between us and you; (3) to provide customer service related solutions; (4) to report to your legal advisor (if any); or (5) to protect the rights, property or personal security of Sabon, its customers or the general public. Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid and at our sole discretion, we may provide third parties, including potential advertisers on the Site, certain anonymous segmented information concerning use of the Service, for various purposes.


Statistics. We may use some or all of the information that you provided to us for statistical analysis, of which some may be posted on the Site; subject, however, to such analysis not including any personal identification information, and you hereby waive any claim and/or demand in such regard.


Links to third party sites and services. The fact that the Service links to other sites or services, or presents a banner or other form of advertisement, should not be interpreted as an endorsement or approval by us of such third party and does not constitute a declaration of any form of affiliation with such third party. If you click on a link to a third party site or service, including an advertisement, you will leave the Site or the Service you are using and will be transferred to such third party site or service. Third party sites and services may plant “cookies” or other devices on your computer or mobile device and may collect personal information from you. Other sites and services are governed by terms that differ from ours with respect to collection and/or disclosure of personal information that you provide. Since we cannot control such third party activities, we shall not be responsible for any use of your personal information by such third parties and we do not guarantee that they adhere to privacy policies and maintain security measures similar to ours. Therefore, we recommend that you read the privacy policies, terms of use and declarations of such third party sites and services that you visit before providing them with any personal information.


Using the Site, Apps and Service


We collect information when you use the Site. For example, we know when you clicked on an ad, when you shared information, etc. None of the aforementioned information shall be considered private and we may use it in any way we see fit.


“Cookies,” Advertising and Internet Communication Standards


“Cookies”. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we and our service providers may plant on your computer, mobile or other device that allow us to identify you as a customer when you return to the Site and/or when you use the same computer or browser. Cookies allow our systems to recognize your browser so that we may track your usage trends on the Site, improve our quality of service, create a personalized user experience on the Site and provide you with third party advertising on the Site and elsewhere. You may remove or block cookies by changing your browser settings; however, in certain cases this may affect your ability to use the Site and may reduce the variety of services you receive from us. When we present you with advertising or customer optimized services, we may permit authorized third parties to plant a unique cookie in your browser. Any information provided to such third party through cookies will not include personal identification information, but may include general segmented information dedicated to improving the user experience by providing relevant search results and/or advertisements. Most browsers accept cookies by default; however, you may change your browser settings so that it does not accept cookies or so that it notifies you when a cookie is sent to your computer. In any event, we shall not be responsible for any matter related to cookies.


Advertising. In order to support the Service and to provide an improved user experience, we may, at no charge to you, dedicate and post our own or third party advertisements on the Site or elsewhere by means of advertising networks or otherwise. Advertising networks include third party servers, advertising agencies, technology companies and research companies. We will not provide personal identification information to any advertising networks.


Using the internet. When you visit the Site we automatically receive information regarding the site from which you came and the site to which are transferred when you leave the Service. In addition, advertisers receive the URL of the page you were on when you clicked on an ad on the Site. We receive the IP number of your computer (or of the server you use to access the Service), information concerning the operating system used by your computer and the browser that you use, your email program, your mobile device model and mobile operating system (if you accessed the Service through your mobile device), your internet or mobile provider, as well as potentially other information. We may also receive information regarding your location from third parties or devices that include GPS technology that you activated. The connection between your IP address and your personal identification information will not be transferred to third parties without your approval, save for as set forth in this Privacy Policy.


Service Providers


We will not share information concerning you with any third party, save for information that we will transfer to third parties that provide us with services, including web maintenance and information verification. These third parties will have access to limited information that is necessary for the performance of their services and not for any other purpose.




Without derogating from the terms of section 3.4 above, we may be compelled to provide personal information and/or information concerning your activities as a customer as part of a summons, order or other legal proceeding, or if we, in good faith, believe that the disclosure of such information is necessary for: (1) an investigation, prevention or activities related to activity that is suspicious or that have been stated to be illegal, or for the purpose of assisting governmental enforcement agencies, including in order to identify fraudulent behavior; (2) enforcement of the Terms of Use, or for the investigation into or protection of Sabon from third party claims and/or demands, or for maintaining the security and integrity of the Site; and (3) the exercise or protection of our rights, property or personal security or those of our customers, employees or any third party.


International Transfer of Information


We may transfer your information, including your personal information, to affiliate or third parties located outside the State of Israel and in other legal jurisdictions. If you are located outside the State of Israel, please note that you are transferring information, including personal information, to a country and jurisdiction subject to privacy and information protection laws different from those in your home jurisdiction. You hereby consent to the transfer of your information to Israel and/or to any other country and to the use and disclosure of your information, including personal information, in the manner set forth in this Privacy Policy.




We take organizational and technical measures to protect your personal information from loss or unauthorized access, use, change or disclosure, by employing high standards of information security. In this regard, access to your personal identification information is limited to employees on a “need to know” basis and to that part of the information that is necessary for providing the products and/or services to the customer. Nevertheless, as a result of the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to overcome these measures and use the personal information for inappropriate purposes. It is your responsibility to protect and secure your identification information. Please note that email correspondence and similar means of communication are not encoded and we warmly recommend not transmitting confidential information by such means of communication.




If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or any other matter, please contact us by sending a request via the contact form on the Site.


Priority of Documents


In the event of a contradiction or discrepancy between the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, the provision that is most beneficial to Sabon shall prevail and you hereby waive and shall be estopped from raising any claim and/or demand from or of Sabon in this regard.