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Customer Club Rules of the “Sabon global Ltd “

Customer Club Rules of the “Sabon global Ltd “

Customer Club Rules of the "Sabon global Ltd "
Last update date of the regulations: 27.12.2021
Effective date for existing club members: 01.01.2022


1. Join

1.1. The SABON chain of stores in Israel (hereinafter: the "chain of stores"), which is operated by the "Sabon shel paam (2000) Ltd." (hereinafter: the "Sabon global " or the "Company"), has established a customer club (hereinafter: the "Club" ) And issues club members membership cards (hereinafter:" membership card ").

1.2. Any customer of the company may apply to register as a member of the club. The registration involves a one-time payment to be determined by the company from time to time (hereinafter: "the membership fee").

1.3. The company may refuse to confirm the acceptance of a customer as a member of the club for any reason and at its sole discretion.

1.4. A member whose membership has been approved by the company will receive a personal membership card that is not for sale or transfer, and whose validity is limited as stated below in these regulations (hereinafter: "member").

1.5. The club will issue the club member the membership card, through which he will be able to accumulate "points" (as defined below) for realization in the chain of stores, or subject to agreements to be signed from time to time with other parties.

1.6. The use of the card will be in accordance with these regulations, as updated from time to time by the club and in accordance with the instructions that appear on the card, or in the leaflet that will be attached to it when it is sent, as well as in marketing communications sent to club members.

1.7. Upon payment of the club’s membership fee, the member will be entitled to receive a joining gift and / or a discount on the purchase of product (s) from the company’s products in accordance with the company’s determination, and subject to the terms of the promotion (hereinafter: "joining promotion").

1.8. The club may refuse to approve the joining of a club member to the program, at its sole discretion, and without being obliged to give reasons for such refusal. Among other things, the club’s management may refuse to approve the membership of the club member, and without the obligation to give reasons for its refusal, including the joining of club members who were caught stealing, cheating, fraud, etc. and / or those who made purchases for which payments were not paid. ), As well as cancel their membership in the customer club, and cancel the validity of the points accrued in favor of that member for any reason.

2. Validity of club membership

2.1. The validity of membership in the customer club is unlimited.

2.2. A member of a customer club may cancel his membership in the club at any time, by means of a written notice to the company.

2.3. The company may at any time, without prior notice and at its sole and absolute discretion, cancel the membership of a club member. If the membership is canceled within one year from the date of joining the club, the relative share of the membership fee will be refunded to the member. If the membership is canceled one year after the date of joining, the member will not be entitled to a refund of the membership fee.

3. Marketing communications, publications and privacy

3.1. Methods of publication: The club’s notices, in all matters relating to the program’s activities, including, but not limited to, the matter of change and / or addition and / or subtraction that will be made and / or the intention of once performing them, the regulations and / or the accrual key and / or additional benefits and / Or in any matter concerning the eligibility of the club member to take part in the program and / or cessation of activity, etc., shall be done by Sabon shell paam in a manner and manner as Sabon shell paam will be deemed appropriate at its sole discretion.

3.2. Without derogating from the above, advertising on a visible bulletin board in the chain of stores and / or in one of the media and / or on the website of a former soap and / or through direct communication with club members, including via e-mail or SMS, all by soap selection Of time, will be considered a provider, and a club member will not be heard claiming that he did not know about the event subject to such reporting and / or publication.

3.3. It is clarified that joining the customer as a member of the company’s customer club, and providing e-mail and cell phone information to the company, will constitute the customer’s consent to receive advertisements, notices and marketing material that the company distributes and / or distributes in the future, all in accordance with Amendment 40 to the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law. 2008, regarding exclusive promotions, discounts and benefits that will be granted and / or will be granted in the future to club members, via e-mails or SMS sent directly to the customer’s computer or mobile device, and to be included in the company’s club membership mailing list.

3.4. For the avoidance of doubt, Sabon shell paam is exempt from the obligation to notify of benefits and / or promotions and / or updates and / or changes in the customer club plan to a club member who has not provided a valid mobile phone number or e-mail address, and a club member will have no claim Once regarding non-receipt of advertising.

3.5. The company owns a website and an online store (hereinafter: the "Website") at, which provides, among other things, deliveries to the customer’s home. As part of joining the customer as a club member, the company will also distribute promotions and updates and marketing material via e-mail in connection with the website.

3.6. A customer who does not wish to be included in the mailing list for the purpose of receiving an SMS and / or e-mail delivery service, will contact the company in writing with a request to remove himself from the list and / or notify the company via a return message.

3.7. The provisions of the company’s privacy policy published at and which can be obtained by contacting the company, will apply to the information collected and processed as part of the club’s activities, form an integral part of these regulations, and are integrated Bo on the way to the reference.

4. Accumulation of points

4.1. Utilization of points accrued to the credit of a club member will be possible only in accordance with what is stated in these regulations and various publications of the company.

4.2. Subject to the provisions of section 4.1 above, the value of the points for each purchase shall be at the rate of 10% of the amount in shekels actually paid in respect of the purchase transaction. For example, for a purchase worth NIS 100, the club member will accumulate 10 club points. It will be clarified that the cancellation of the transaction in respect of which the points were awarded will result in the deduction of the points accumulated in respect of that transaction. There will be no accumulation of points in the transaction in which the customer will pay with various purchase tokens (such as the gold note, plus note, Power Gift, etc.).

4.3. Each point accrued in the customer club can be used as a discount of 1 NIS for future purchases only (ie, a late transaction for the transaction in which the points were accumulated), subject to the instructions listed below.

4.4. To the member’s credit, points will be accumulated for each purchase for which payment has been made in full, in one of the company’s corporate stores in Israel only. It is clarified that the value of the points will be calculated according to the amount actually charged to the club member. In any case of a payment transaction or a deferred payment transaction, the points will accrue in favor of the club member upon completion of the full payment for that transaction.

4.5. Accumulation of points is personal to each and every member. The points are not for sale or transferable to another person or member or to a union between several members.

4.6. The accumulation of points is conditional on the identification of the member and the presentation of a membership card.

4.7. In addition to such points, from time to time each member can and will be given an additional point bonus:

4.7.1. Bonus points will be accrued to the member’s credit as points equivalent to money for everything, and all the conditions that apply to the regular points as specified in these regulations will apply to them.

4.7.2. Sabon shell paam will decide, at its sole discretion, on the manner and timing of the accumulation of bonus points, and will announce this by means of the publication as specified in these regulations.

4.8. A club member will be able to redeem the points accumulated in his favor only in transactions that will be made by him after the transaction for which the points were accumulated in his favor.

4.9. There can be no negative accumulation of points.

4.10. Sabon shell paam reserves the right to change and / or correct the accrual key and / or the method of calculating the accrual and / or the validity of the points as stated above. Any change and / or amendment and / or update as aforesaid shall form an integral part of these By-Laws, and shall be published in one of the advertising channels specified in the Marketing Communications chapter of the By-Laws, all in accordance with the Company’s sole discretion and without prior notice.

5. Realization of points

5.1. The accumulation of accumulated points will be made on condition that the club member has made at least one purchase in a Sabon shop and identified himself using the membership card, during the last year of membership in the club. The club member did not make an annual purchase as stated above - the club points that were accrued for him will be deleted at the beginning of the following year. Deleted club points cannot be restored.

5.2. At any time, the member may use the points earned to his credit according to the ratio of 1 point = 1 NIS and pay for a product in points, all according to the value of points earned to his credit.

5.3. A former Sabon company may, at its sole discretion, improve the conversion rate of the points to a specific club member or group of club members in the purchase of a product or products, without being required to provide an explanation or report.

5.4. From time to time you will publish Sabon from time to time exclusive promotions for club members. The promotions of the club, the nature of the promotions and their commercial conditions will be determined at the sole discretion of the Sabon shell paam. For example:

5.4.1. Higher discounts than discounts for non-club members.

5.4.2. Accumulation of double points in the purchase of a specific product.

5.4.3. Transfer of points to another customer.

5.5. The examples given above are for illustration only, and do not require the Sabon shell paam.

5.6. In any case, it is not possible to receive and use points in the case of the same purchase or share, sale and / or other discount, in the presumption - "no double offers", but the company may allow use and / or accumulation of points in such cases, at its sole discretion.

5.7. The use of points at the point of sale is conditional on the presentation of a valid club card as well as an ID card of the cardholder.

6. Birthday benefit

6.1. A club member will be entitled to receive benefits in the calendar month of the birthday (hereinafter: "the birthday benefit"), as specified below:

6.1.1. An unconditional gift in purchase that will be delivered to the club member in one of the Sabon shops in Israel (not including the online store). The type of gift will be in accordance with an Sabon shell paam decision and will change from time to time at the sole discretion of the company.

6.1.2. 15% discount on purchases at one of the Sabon stores in Israel (not including the online store).

6.2. Receiving the gift and realizing the discount as detailed above will be done together at that time only. That is, it is not possible to receive the discount or the gift at different times.

6.3. The birthday benefits as stated above are personal and non-transferable.

6.4. The benefit will be redeemed during the calendar month of the birthday only, subject to presentation of a club card and ID card.

7. In case of dispute

7.1. The registration held by the company will constitute evidence in relation to the accumulation of points by each club member, and the transactions made by him in the chain of stores.

7.2. A member who has been harmed in connection with points he has accumulated or any other matter arising from these regulations or the operation, may contact the director of the company in writing and raise his objections.

7.3. The decision of the director of the company will be given within 14 working days, and once the member has received the achievement, it will be final and unappealable in any way.

7.4. In the event of the loss of the club card, the member must notify the company in writing within 21 days from the moment the club member becomes aware of the loss of the card. Subject to the notice of the club member as stated in this section, the company will issue to the club member an alternative card in which the points accrued in favor of the club member will be charged.

7.5. The company will not be responsible for loss of points due to forgery and theft, in case the member did not notify the company in writing of the loss of the ticket.

7.6. A member who has lost the club card will be able to issue a new card, depending on the cost determined by the company at the time.

7.7. A member who claims that the number of points at his disposal is different from the number of points as found in the company register, will be able to prove the number of points by presenting the invoices attesting to this.

8. Liabilities of the club member

8.1. The club member will be responsible for informing the club management in writing of any change in the contact details with him in order to allow continuous and ongoing contact with him.

8.2. It is clarified that a membership card for which the company’s records do not contain the required membership details in the joining form, the company is entitled to cancel the card, and in addition, to cancel the points accumulated for that card, without the possibility of redeeming.

8.3. A club member undertakes to use the membership card for the purpose of purchase for personal or private use only, or for any other use that will be approved by old-fashioned soap. No wholesale or commercial purchase will be permitted through the use of the Club Member Card.

8.4. A club member undertakes not to abuse the club membership. Any abuse will result in termination of club membership.

8.5. In the event that a club member uses more points than he deserves due to a malfunction or disruption in the computer, the customer will reimburse the company for the value of the points used by him due to the same malfunction according to their value.

For example: a friend who had to he has 50 points, but due to a computer malfunction, 100 points were used by him, he will return 50 shekels to the company.

9. Additional benefits

9.1. Club members will be entitled to various additional benefits, in addition to the points accrued to their credit, at the sole discretion of a former Sabon company, and as the company will publish from time to time, as well as other businesses that choose to participate in the program in various ways.

9.2. The information about the additional benefits that will be published by Sabon shell paam, in relation to services and / or products provided by the company and / or the additional businesses, will be provided by the company and / or the additional businesses and at their own risk.

9.3. The publication of the said information does not impose any responsibility or liability on any Sabon shell paam and / or anyone on its behalf in connection with these products and services, their quality, suitability for the club members and their needs or their description.

9.4. Sabon shell paam reserves the right to replace and / or degrade and / or change and / or update the range of benefits presented in the publications at its sole discretion.

10. General conditions

10.1. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the membership in the Club will be valid only in the territory of the State of Israel.

10.2. The Company may at any time, in its sole and absolute discretion, and without any prior notice, change any matter related to the procedures and details of the operation and / or what is stated in these regulations. The company’s records are the ones that determine everything related to these regulations, including everything related to the way the points are calculated, how they are accumulated and / or how they are deducted, the club member’s requests for the points to be redeemed, and the like.

10.3. Gift Card - The realization of GIFTCARD is a change in the form of payment. Purchasing products with a gift card entitles the buyer to points at the time of purchase. Points will not be accrued to the customer when purchasing the ticket, ie when charging the ticket.

10.4. The details in these regulations are for informational information only, and do not obligate the company in any way.

10.5. For the avoidance of doubt it will be clarified that participation in the Club’s programs is subject to the Club Member’s compliance with the terms of these Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to, continuing his membership in the Soap Customer Club of yesteryear.

10.6. These terms and conditions constitute the conditions for joining the program, and joining a member of a former Sabon club means that the club member has read and agrees to the provisions of these terms and conditions.

10.7. Sabon shell paam reserves the right to change and / or update and / or amend the provisions of these regulations, in all its sections, including provisions for eligibility to join the club, period of membership in the club, accrual key, variety of benefits, validity of benefits, etc., all as deemed appropriate and accordingly At their sole discretion. The binding wording of the regulations is that it is available from time to time in Sabon shell paam offices or on the website at:

10.8. Sabon shell paam is the exclusive authority for the interpretation of the provisions of these Bylaws.

10.9. Every place in these regulations that is used in the masculine language also means as if it is also said in the feminine language.

10.10. Sabon shell paam reserves the right to issue membership cards of various types, for consideration and / or not for consideration, to all or part of the club members, all as determined by the club management and at its sole and absolute discretion.

10.11. Sabon shell paam reserves the right to regulate the manner of accumulating points and / or the granting or non-granting of bonus points in respect of purchases on the various membership cards as stated above, for each type of membership card separately.