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Accessibility Statement

Introduction—Company Announcement


One of the values our company finds most important is to treat our customers, in all their diversity, with respect.

As a result, we place great emphasis on the accessibility of the chain’s stores and website for people with various physical disabilities. We are proud to provide the general public with the possibilityof making use of the website and of enjoying everything the company has to offer, in a convenient manner that is adapted to both specific and a variety of needs.


Accessibility to the Chain’s Stores

All the chain’s stores are equipped with an audio system situated by the cash registers. There are stores throughout the country with entranceways that are accessible for people with various needs and limitations, in accordance with existing possibilities in the shopping centers and malls in which they are located.

Click here to view the list of stores that are accessible to the general public>


What is an Accessible Site?

An accessible site, under the 2013 Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Act (accessibility adjustments to the service), is a website to which adjustments have been made in accordance with Israeli Standard 5568. Accessibility adjustments enable people with various disabilities to make effective use of the services and information provided on the website.

The Israeli Standard adopts international guidelines: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines of the international organization, W3C.


Declaration of Accessibility Level

The site’s accessibility level is AA, and is optimized for all modern JavaScript and CSS3/HTML5 browsers:

Internet Explorer 9 or higher

Mozilla Firefox version 32 or higher

Google Chrome version 3.07.2062 or higher

Safari version 7.1 or higher

Opera version 24 or higher


The following is a partial list of accessibility adjustments made to the website: Possibility of enlarging text, making changes to color contrast, viewing in grayscale, andkeyboard navigation using a navigation tab.

How does accessibility work on the website?

The site has an accessible menu. Clicking the menu allows you to open the accessibility buttons. After selecting accessibility options on the menu, wait for the page to load.


We are making great efforts to enable accessibility to all pages of the website, but you may discover pages on the website that have not yet been made accessible, or that the appropriate technological solution has not yet been found.


To contact the organization’s accessibility coordinator>


If you encounter an accessibility issue while browsing the website, we will be happy to receive your comments and requests by contacting the accessibility officer.

Sami Ben-Ittach| 03-770-1800

Date of accessibility declaration update: 20/01/2018