As all SABON products have a duration period of more than 30 months, it is not mandatory to include an expiration date on the packaging. This is governed by EC regulation 1223/2009, which states that cosmetic products with a shelf life exceeding 30 months do not need to display an expiration date. SABON’s products always include the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol, assuring you always know for how long the product is good for after it is opened.

For further assistance on how to use a specific product from our collections, you may contact customer care at 03-7701800 or e-mail us at:

At this time Sabon does not offer a refill service for our products. However, we do recycle all of our empty glass bottles with the NYC Sanitation Department.

You may choose to recycle the glassware or use it at home in a unique way. We suggest using the glass bottles as vases or jars to hold spices, florals, or small trinkets.