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The secret of summer care| SABON Israel

The secret of summer care

24 Jul 2022, 10:52

A care ritual adapted for summer

How fun it is that summer has arrived! Glowing sun rays that kiss the skin, foam of waves on the beach that tickles the feet, the smell of salt and freedom in the air.
There really is nothing like summer... but we have to admit that the Israeli summer is a bit harsh: frequent, record-breaking temperatures and humidity... oh the humidity!
The summer holidays are wonderful but a little harmful to the skin: we all know very well about the sun’s damage to our skin, how and when we should be careful of it (all the time!), but in addition the presence of the sun, the increased humidity that makes us sweat, the exposure to the salt water of the sea and the chlorine in the pool and the bare feet in a way Frequently - all of these cause damage to the skin, dry it out and accelerate its aging process.
What is the solution? Moisture, moisture, moisture - and cooling.
There are many ways to saturate the skin with moisture and cool it, and if you refresh your skin care routine during the summer and add important actions to it, you can minimize the damage and maintain healthy, soft, pleasant and glowing skin throughout the summer. All the wisdom is to maintain a face and body care ritual throughout the year, but also to know how to change it according to the body’s needs according to the weather.
Get SABON’s recommendations for a refreshing and cool skin care ritual for the summer:
Refreshing the face care ritual:
Cleansing in the steamy summer days is extremely important for both the skin and the feeling, there is nothing like clean and pure skin after a hot and sweaty day. In the summer days, it is recommended to use a light and refreshing soap that gently cleans the face and does not dry it out. Our Fresh Foamy Wash is simply perfect for the craft: it is actually an airy foam which, when washing the face and in contact with water, turns into a soft cleansing cream for the face. Its airy and light texture is ideal especially on hot days and in the summer season as it is used not only to clean the skin but also gives instant freshness.
To give a boost of moisture, coolness and energy to the face, we recommend finishing the care routine with our golden Floral Mask Gelee, which contains a unique combination of 3 real rose essences and petals, flooding the facial skin with moisture and leaving it radiant, soft and supple while it renews the the stock of moisture in it. During summer days it is recommended to keep the mask in the refrigerator and get an increased cooling effect. Excellent for soothing the skin after exposure to the sun!

Refreshing the body care ritual:
In the summer, the hot sun and the various activities we perform under its tanning rays are good for the soul but tend to dry out the skin. In these cases, we seek to restore the lost moisture to the skin and still maintain a feeling of fresh coolness. This is exactly what our Body Gelee is for: fresh, moisturizing, light, absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling.
A gel preparation based on water, combines the moisturizing benefits of a body lotion with the texture of a gel, is absorbed by the skin in a few seconds. Enriched with avocado oil and aloe vera extract. Like a huge sip of water that saturates the skin and leaves it soft, smooth, fresh and with a cool and pleasant feeling.
The moisturizing gel for the body is recommended to be incorporated in the summer in the daily body care ritual, as moisture for the skin after showering with the shower oil and body exfoliation.

Summer foot care routine
Pedicure treatments are great, but in order to keep your feet well-groomed and soft throughout the summer, it is also recommended to adopt a care ritual especially for them: start with a dip in a relaxing foot bath, continue with our foot peeling enriched with menthol, camphor and almond powder, and finally, SABON’s iconic softening foot cream the foot and nourishes it with high-quality shea butter with a refreshing and cooling mint extract.

We wish you a summer of pleasures, thrills and treats!


The secret of summer care

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