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7 Summer Foot Care Tips You Need To Know| SABON Israel

7 Summer Foot Care Tips You Need To Know

24 Jul 2022, 12:25

1. Soften

The secret of baby soles is the removal of hardened skin with a file, manual or electric, or a pumice stone. Layers of keratinized skin disappear more easily if the feet are soaked before in lukewarm water and bath salt. Or in water with a little shower oil, because it is rich in moisturizing oils for the skin and helps soften cuticles, wounds or hardened skin. Let your feet soak for ten minutes, preparing them for the next steps, during which time you can browse a magazine or listen to your favorite music!


Once the skin is softened, the polishing operation becomes much easier and more efficient. Take your feet out of the water and dry them with a towel. Gently rub on all dry areas and calluses using a pumice stone or a pedicure file.


For a perfect smoothing of the legs, you can use a fine mechanical scrub, which also removes dead cells. Choose a mentholated scrub, especially made for the feet, for extra pampering!


Then moisturize your feet with butter and special creams for this area. Look for ingredients such as soothing aloe vera, hyaluronic acid that keeps you hydrated and glycerin if you have very dry skin. Or products specifically for cracked heels, if applicable!

5.Try the feet masks

If your feet need super quick hydration, sock-type feet masks are the solution! Wear them and keep them on for about 20 minutes, for a deep hydration and an instant smoothing of the heels.

6.Take care of the cuticles

A perfect pedicure also involves well-groomed nails and hydrated cuticles. So, apply generously creams or special oils for them when taking care of your feet. If you do not want to remove the cuticles, you can push them with a bamboo stick and moisturize them. Your nails will look great!

7.Take vitamins and wear good shoes

The secret of baby-like soles lies not only in miraculous creams, but also in shoes that do not lead to the appearance of welts and do not allow the feet to sweat excessively, a situation that leads to the multiplication of bacteria.

Also find out that without vitamin C the skin becomes rougher, vitamin E protects it against free radicals, and a vitamin A deficiency can lead to dry skin and hardened heels.



7 Summer Foot Care Tips You Need To Know

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