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5 smart ways to freshen up your skin in summer| SABON Israel

5 smart ways to freshen up your skin in summer

24 Jul 2022, 13:42

First of all, choose cotton, both for your clothes and for your bedding! Avoid polyester, satin and even silk as much as possible, when it is very hot, because they increase the discomfort.

1. Take a shower with lukewarm water

A shower, before going to bed, with warm water, is a solution to normalize your body temperature, and the feeling of coolness will calm you and you will sleep much better all night.

On the other hand, the Scottish shower is a shower that alternates the jet of hot water with that of cold water, with multiple benefits for hair and skin. Scottish showers have a strong invigorating effect and help oxygenate the brain. It helps to reduce stress, relieves the symptoms of depression and provides a pleasant state. In addition, Scottish showers also help to improve your breathing, especially if you use a shower gel or oil with invigorating aromas such as mint (link to minty spark).

Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but opt ​​for a warm bath or shower when it is hot, and you will realize later how comforting it was!

2. Use a refreshing spray

The thermal water spray cools and refreshes, especially if you keep it in the fridge! Simply spray on the skin or apply the product on a clean face using a cotton pad - no rinsing or wiping is required.

3. Drink hot tea instead of very cold water

In the warmer parts of the world, hot green tea is served on summer days, which is seasoned with fresh mint leaves and a bit of honey. The indoor temperature activates the sweat glands, and the body eliminates a large amount of heat and thus the hot tea has a cooling effect!

4. Avoid salt and take vitamins

Salt makes the body retain fluids, and this leads to swelling of the wrists and general discomfort. Try to avoid excess salt during the heat, hydrate optimally and take vitamins B5, B6 and D, recommended in summer!

5. Use the ice cubes method

If you get a sunburn or your skin is irritated by the heat, massage the affected area with 2-3 ice cubes. You will reduce the pain due to the intense cooling, and the ice cubes have an instant cooling effect!



5 smart ways to freshen up your skin in summer

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