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Types of perfume scents - how to match a perfume correctly?

Types of perfume scents - how to match a perfume correctly?

27 Jun 2023, 16:34

Scent is a very important aspect of personal care. Perfume smell, not only affects how one smells, but also plays a vital role in the way people perceive each and every one. A scent can set the tone at various events and convey feelings and emotions silently, from a formal event to a first date.


Perfume is a cosmetic product that is sprayed directly on the skin or clothes to leave a good and pleasant smell on the body. It consists of various components including aromatic components and/or essential oils, which are combined together to create a unique scent mixture. Today, many use perfume to emphasize their personality and actually create a scent identified with them wherever they go.


Scents of perfumes are very diverse and include notes of flowers, fruits, trees and more. The perfect perfume is the one with the scent that meets the personal taste and has the most preferred and loved aromas that correspond with the person’s style and personality. With so many types of perfumes available in the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task.


In this article, we will discuss the different scent notes, how to choose the perfect perfume and how to get the most out of it?

Understanding types of smells

Perfumes contain a mixture of different scent notes, which can be ’broken down’ into three parts - top notes, middle notes and base notes.


In fact, these are the first scents you smell immediately after spraying the perfume and the first to evaporate as well. They are especially important in the construction of the perfume and affect the first impression it leaves. These are usually light and refreshing scents, with citrus and floral scents being the most common.


Middle notes
Also known as heart notes, which develop immediately after the top notes evaporate. They constitute the main body of the perfume and the central stage in its construction and last for several hours. Some of the most common middle notes include rose, jasmine and lavender.


Basic characters
The base notes are the final scents that smell in the perfume. The base notes last the longest on the body and are responsible for the lasting strength of the scent. They are, in fact, the lasting addition that completes the experience and gives the perfume its deep and complex aspect. Most common base notes are vanilla, musk.


Categories of perfume types
Beyond the perfume notes, the types of scents of the middle notes and base notes in perfumes can be divided into four different categories:


Floral - fresher and lighter fragrances, which include scents of fresh flowers such as rose and jasmine. Floral scents are especially popular in women’s perfumes.
Woody - fragrances with earthy, warm and sensual notes, including woody scents such as cedar and patchouli. The smell is very ’present’ and intense, with a strong earthy aspect that Gives it a bit of mystery.
Fruity - these are usually fresh and intoxicating citrus fruit fragrances that include notes of lemon, bergamot, lime and orange. These fragrances are ideal for the summer season.
Oriental - warm, sweet and sensual fragrances, which include notes of vanilla, cinnamon and amber, which are especially popular for special occasions.
Tips for choosing the perfect perfume

Choosing a perfume that fits your personality and personal style can be a challenging task. Here are some winning tips for an easy choice -

Correct identification of odor preferences
Everyone has their favorite scents. Some prefer floral and sweet scents, while others like earthy or musky scents. It is important to know which fragrance notes connect best and to look for perfumes with those notes.

The smell test on the skin
The best way to know how the scent ’sits’ on the skin is to try the perfume on the skin. The notes in each perfume communicate with the natural smell of the skin and can even change the smell of the perfume. It is important to let the perfume develop on the skin and only then make a decision.

A combination of scents
Many do not know, but it is possible and even recommended to combine more than one perfume and create unique scent combinations. You should try to combine perfumes with different scent notes to create a personal and new scent.

Time to experiment with the perfume
The smell of the perfume develops and changes over time, therefore, there may be changes in its smell throughout the day. You should try to give it enough time to develop on the skin and settle on its final scent before purchasing.

Adaptation to the event and the seasons
Different perfume scents are suitable for different occasions and different weather. Lighter, fresher scents work better in the summer season for more casual events, while musk and jasmine may be more suitable for special events in the winter.

Understand the scent notes of the perfume
Each perfume has different types of scent notes (top notes, middle notes and base notes) that contribute to its complete fragrance. You should learn how to identify the different notes in a perfume to find one that matches your personal taste and style.

In conclusion,
Matching a perfume is based on several parameters that vary from person to person and can change over time. For this reason, there is no single answer to the question which perfume is right for me?


Scents play a crucial role in creating a personal impression. By understanding the different notes of the fragrances, everyone can choose the right fragrance that complements their personality and style.

Our recommendation is to choose a perfume that blends well with the natural smell of the skin and even with the character and what you want to transmit to the universe.


If you could not find the perfect scent for you, try to combine perfumes and create a new and exact scent for you.


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Types of perfume scents - how to match a perfume correctly?

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