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The perfect vacation| SABON Israel

The perfect vacation

24 Jul 2022, 11:07

The ultimate travel cosmetic bag


The thought of the expected vacation is delightful, but the packing can sometimes be burdensome and become a "bag": proper packing sometimes seems like a project. Along with the endless debates about the amount of shoes and the number of "looks" that are packed, the issue of the accompanying cosmetic bag also comes up. How to pack it in the most correct way? Not to be burdensome but also not to be lacking. so that it doesn’t spread everywhere and stain everything around it. In the past, to avoid spilling the contents of the bottles, we would carry them in the side bag that came with us on the flight, but today there are security restrictions that limit the amount of liquids that can be carried on a flight, and in addition, sometimes the vacation is so light and quick that we prefer to take only one suitcase , pack wisely and avoid a long wait for luggage in the field.

The SABON travel kits are also a perfect and useful summer gift for those we know are going on vacation soon. On the SABON website, an exclusive collection of travel cases awaits you with all the products you love in perfect travel sizes:


Urban Hotel
The set that includes:
1. Cosmetics bag, fabric mist 100ml, Body Scrub 60g, small candle, Shower Oil 100ml

The set that includes:
1. Cosmetics bag, Shower oil 300 ml, Body Scrub 200 g, foot cream 50 ml, body cream 50 ml

1. Stomach and back vacation: cosmetics bag, hair and body oil, Shower oil 100 ml, hand cream 30ml and Body Scrub 60g

So all that’s left now to wish for is a pleasant vacation and... smart packaging!


The perfect vacation

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