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The amazing health and hair benefits of scalp massage - SABON

The amazing health and hair benefits of scalp massage

7 Mar 2023, 16:27

Gentle scalp massage has miraculous effects on the hair as well, but also on health, if practiced long-term. And once a week is better than nothing, but 5-10 minutes a day is recommended for great benefits!

Here are the most interesting beneficial effects of hair massage:

- Eliminates stress and relaxes you: less stress means less hair loss

- Stimulates hair growth because it accelerates blood circulation in the scalp and, implicitly, in the hair root area

- Removes dead cells from the scalp

- Stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the scalp.

- Helps relieve migraines and anxiety states

- Reduces muscle tension

- Encourages hair growth in alopecia

How to massage the scalp

Introduce the scalp scrub into your hair care routine, which is applied after shampooing in circular motions at the root of the hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo that allows better foaming and better distribution of the product for optimal cleaning. It also helps with the application of masks and scalp treatments.

You can also go for a classic massage, using your finger tips. Be careful if you have big nails! It is not advisable to put a lot of pressure on the scalp with your nails, do not scratch or press hard. It takes delicate, gentle touches, just with the navels of the fingers.

Start at the back of the head, with circular movements, pressing gently, as if massaging a baby. Then go up to the top of the head and insist on the temple area, also with gentle movements. Finally, massage the area from the forehead to the hairline.

You can then rinse your hair using pomegranate vinegar for extra shine!



The amazing health and hair benefits of scalp massage

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