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Citrus Blossom

Step into the enchanted garden of your childhood imagination: a gorgeous private haven where the sky is always blue, and the sun is always at its zenith. Delicate lemon blossoms release their captivating scents into the warm summer air as you daydream and sway on your flower swing in the shade of a mandarin tree.

SABON celebrates the pure joy of the spring with CITRUS BLOSSOM, the sunny citrus-inspired collection that celebrates vivid colors, luminous fragrances, and unforgettable spring – past, present, and future.

Now is the perfect time to rejoice in these beautiful days with sun-infused self-care for the body and home. Citrus Blossom invites you to revel in those treasured moments of rest and wellbeing.

Embrace the golden vibes of an endless SABON spring...