White Tea

"A Serenity Flower, rare as love

Wrapped its petals around a little bird

that fell from above


Giving the bird what it seeks,

Drops of pure nectar sweet

White as silk


The little bird spread its wings

and flew to its day,

Spreading colors of Serenity

To whomever passed its way…"



Let us carry you into a magical and imaginary fairytale, filled with peaceful pastel colors, and go through the journey of a restless bird, seeking for inner serenity.

 Flying from flower to flower, the bird discovers the Serenity flower.
By drinking its sweet nectar, the bird is immediately filled with the sense of serenity it desired, and spreads it all around it.



We are happy to launch the new White Tea fragrance collection;
an exquisite fragrance that will take you to a fresh, delightful journey of harmony and serenity.


You are invited to discover our new White Tea collection,
and like the bird, be filled with serenity- serenity for the body,
for the mind and for the soul.


White Tea- the scent of Serenity


About the Fragrance

An exquisite fragrance comprising a harmonious combination of Fig, Lemon, White Tea, Jasmine and Cedar Wood, capturing the essence of pure freshness and grace, inspired by the delicate scent of fresh white tea fields, at first light, before harvest.

Its blissful Zen-like heart, drifts you to a place of delightful indulgence, provides a pure sensation of inner peace and invites you to live a moment of serenity for body and mind.

Take the time to slow down and feel a new sensation of harmony to live each day as if it was a new beginning.

Top notes: Fig, Lemon, Jasmine
Middle notes: Nutmeg, Cardamom, White Tea
Base notes: Violet, Cedar wood, Thyme