Terms of Sale Black Friday 2021


1. The Black Friday 2021 promotion (hereinafter: "the promotion") was conducted by the Sabon shel paam (2000) Ltd. (hereinafter: "Sabon"), between the dates 21.11.2020 and 27.11.2020 (hereinafter: "the promotion period" ), In all branches of the SABON chain in Israel and on the Sabon website at (hereinafter: "the chain").
During the promotion period, various products will be sold in the chain at discounts of up to 30% off the product price, from among the products participating in the promotion, and in accordance with the categories listed below:
2.1 10% discount on face and hair products
2.2 20% discount on home care products
2.3 30% discount on body care products
The list of products participating in the sale is detailed in Appendix A attached.
3. No double promotions and discounts.
4. The sale does not include packages, accessories, weight products, mini products and sale products.
5. Sale while stocks last.
Minimal quantity of items on sale - _____10____.
7. Minimum amount of items at maximum discount - ___5_______.
8. Customer club points can be redeemed for the purpose of purchasing the items on sale.
9. In purchases at branches, the sale of the products in the sale is final and it is not possible to exchange and / or return products sold in the sale, except in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transaction) Regulations, 2010, and no credit or refund will be given for products sold in the sale. -50 NIS.
10. Sabon may terminate the promotion at any time and / or change, add to, cancel the terms of the promotion and / or the terms of these regulations and / or the list of products listed in the appendices, at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
11. If the discount is canceled in accordance with what is stated in these regulations, the Sabon will not be liable for any damage caused to the customer or after, and the customer will not have any cause and / or claim against the company for the discount or cancellation, including any damage, direct or indirect. To the customer.
12. The sale of the products on sale is limited to 20 items on sale to the customer only. It is not possible to purchase a wholesale purchase as part of the sale (including of various items in the sale or at different branches).
13. Sabon reserves the right to revoke the discount of the promotion from a purchaser who is found to have purchased a commercial quantity online and / or cheated and / or not in the manner set forth in these regulations, in its sole discretion and without being required to give reasons for its decision.
14. In any case of conflict and / or inconsistency between the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and any other publications regarding the promotion, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail for all intents and purposes.
15. These Terms and Conditions contain, embody, merge and express all the terms regarding the promotion, and any promises, guarantees, written or oral agreements, commitments or representations in connection with the promotion given or made and which are not explicitly stated in it, do not add to the charges And the rights set forth in these By-Laws or arising therefrom, derogate from or alter them, and the parties shall not be bound by them.
16. No conduct on the part of Sabon shall be deemed to be a waiver of any of its rights under these Terms or the provisions of any law or a waiver or consent on its part to any breach or fulfillment of any condition unless the waiver, consent, rejection, change, revocation or addition has been expressly and in writing
17. Any dispute regarding this operation will be referred to the competent court in the Tel Aviv District only.
18. These Terms and Conditions are written in masculine for convenience only, but apply to both sexes.

Appendix A - List of products on sale


10% discount on face and hair products


Serum 62.1 NIS  69 NIS
Hair Mist 62.1 NIS 69 NIS
Hair Musk 85.5 NIS 95 NIS
Shampoo 58.5 NIS 65 NIS
Low shampoo 44.1 NIS 49 NIS
Scalp scrub 94.5 NIS 105 NIS
Hair Milk 62.1 NIS 69 NIS

Foaming soap 67.5 NIS 75 NIS

Facial peeling 200 ml 116.1 NIS 129 NIS
Facial peeling 60 ml 44.1 NIS 49 NIS
Dead Sea facial peeling 116.1 NIS 129 NIS
Face mask 107.1 NIS 119 NIS
Face mask brush 31.5 NIS 35 NIS
Facial cleansing brush 49.5 NIS 55 NIS
Carrot moisturizer 89.1 NIS 99 NIS
Solid face soap 71.1 NIS 79 NIS
Facial cleansing oil 89.1 NIS 99 NIS
Dead Sea face mask 3 in 1 125.1 NIS 139 NIS


20% discount on home care products

Classic Aroma 84 NIS 105 NIS
Prestigious Aroma 100 NIS 125 NIS
Fabric Mist 300 ml 55.2 NIS 69 NIS
Fbric Mist 100 ml 23.2 NIS 29 NIS
Candle in a glass 60 g 23.2 NIS 29 NIS

Candle in a glass 230 g 63.2 NIS 79 NIS


30% discount on body care products 

Hand care products
Hand Mist 17.5 NIS 25 NIS
Hand hygienic gel 200 ml 34.3 NIS 49 NIS
Hygienic gel for hands 80 ml 15.4 NIS 22 NIS
Hand Cream 48.3 NIS 69 NIS
Butter Hand Cream 41.3 NIS 59 NIS
Hand liquit soap 31.5 NIS 45 NIS


Body Scrub 320 g 66.5 NIS 95 NIS

Body Scrub 600 g 80.5 NIS 115 NIS


Shower Oil
Shower Oil 300 ml 37.8 NIS 54 NIS

Shower Oil 500 ml 53.9 NIS 77 NIS